Pillow Body People Pattern

(The $1 PDF for the PBP Pattern can be found here : Pillow Body People PDF Etsy )


1. Fabric : Any fabric! But for beginners, the stiffer the fabric, the easier this will be. If you do decide to use a fabric that frays easily, like something silky or knit, be sure to glue the edges of each pattern piece before you start. The buddy in the photos was made out of a shopping bag from Urban. You could make it him out of an old t-shirt, jeans, pillowcase, a towel, canvas, whatever.

2. Needle and thread

3. Small Button

4. Stuffing : Any stuffing! I used an old cut up sweater to stuff my buddy. You could use rice or dry beans if you wanted to make him more like a beanie baby, or you could use a mix of lavender and flax seed if you wanted to make him smell good.


Step 1.

Start by handsewing, using either a whip stitch or blanket stitch, from point A to B on pattern pieces labeled Side Body.

If you are using a fabric that has a 'right' and 'wrong' side, aka whatever side of the fabric you want showing is the "right" side, be sure to have the right sides facing together. We will flip this guy inside out before stuffing him.

Step 2.

Connecting the Bottom piece to the sidebody pieces you've just sewn together, sew points B to C, right side, then left side.

Step 3.

Attatch Front Body pattern piece, sew point A to C, first down the right side, then down the left.

view from front

view from side

after sewing both sides, with opening for stuffing at the bottom

view from back

Step 4.

Sew around face pattern piece, right sides together. Leaving a small opening for the stuffing. 

Step 5.

Turn face and body inside out. Fill with stuffing and sew points C to C on body, and D to D on face.

fill with stuffing

Step 6.

Cut small slit on front body for button, Sew button onto back of face. Be sure to use a flat button rather than a shank button as to better keep the head in place.

Very important you do not make the cut too big, especially if your stuffing with rice or lavender. You want the hole as small as possible, while still being able to slip the button in.

small horizontal slit at the top of front body using sharp scissors

Step 7.

Affix the face to the body by slipping the button into the hold.

Using a back stitch, or a marker, or buttons, give your buddy some eyes. and voilà!

A new Pillow Body Buddy!



I'd love to see your Pillow Body Buddy! Post photos of your new friend in the comments!

Cheers! and happy sewing!

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